How to Remove a Mole Naturally

Moles appears anywhere on our body, sometimes it makes us more attractive and is often referred as a beauty mark, but there are time it appears on the area where we less want it making us feel conscious and less confident. Although your mole patterns is most likely determined by your genetics, excessive sun exposure can sometimes cause you to develop more moles and can cause the ones you already have to get darker. There are a lot of clinics offering professional mole removals but sometimes the cost of mole removal treatment can be very expensive and it oftentimes leaves scar on your skin.

If the moles on your skin doesn’t show any sign of turning into a serious problem such as cancer, you can opt to try one of the many natural home remedies to remove them. You have to note that you first have to observe the size and color of your moles. It is best to consult a dermatologist or a surgeon in order to know whether the moles on your skin need a surgical treatment. If it’s delicate, get them remove professionally. If not, here’s a list of effective home remedies to help you remove a skin mole naturally.

You can select one of these home remedies useful in removing moles naturally: Castor oil, garlic, cauliflower, pineapple, fig stem, honey and hot water with vinegar are natural remedies considered effective in mole removal.

For castor oil, you have to rub it gently on the mole area for a few days until they gradually weaken and disappear.

If you’re using garlic, you have to grind a few pieces into a paste. You have to apply the garlic paste on the area and cover it with a bandage. It would be best if you apply this remedy at night and remove the bandage next morning.

Cauliflower is another home remedy you can try; just prepare in a blender and then you can rub the juice on your moles daily until the skin peels off naturally.

Pineapples also have compounds that aids in mole removal, just make fresh pineapples daily and apply the juice to the moles until they weaken and disappear.

Another good remedy is a juice from fig stems. Just apply it daily to the moles until they vanish.

Apply honey on the moles daily.

Another effective step on how to remove a mole is to wash the mole area with hot water five to six times a day. Once your skin is dry, you can then apply cider vinegar to your moles with the use of cotton swabs. Let it sit for 15 minutes, and then you have to rinse the area with cool water.

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